The Witch University's Beauty Potion




1 cup Orange Juice

1/2 cup Pure Spring-Water

1-2 teaspoons Pure Honey

2 Egg Yolks From The Large White Eggs (Bless your eggs with your Fertility Goddess)

1 gram dried of Roman Chamomile if you are under the age of 25 or 1 gram dried of Helichrysum Arenarium if you are over the age of 25

1 Wine Glass

1 Cauldron

Full Moon

1 Kitchen Tea Kettle

1 Spoon or 1 Knife




This amazing Beauty Potion will improve your looks and keep you looking young for as long as your genes will allow and beyond.  It combines a bit of old herbal medicine, and a bit of new nutritional science. Drink this beauty potion twice a week before or during the Full Moon.  Set a reminder for Tuesday and Saturday, for an example.


Spell Casting:


1.) Make a tea (preferably in your cauldron) from half a cup of the pure spring water and one gram of the dried herbs (either the Roman Chamomile or the Helichrysum Arenarium) by heating the water in the kitchen tea kettle until it is just boiling, adding the Roman Chamomile or the Helichrysum Arenarium, and removing it from the heat.  Let this settle and cool it down.


2.) Put your two egg yolks of the two large white eggs in the bottom of a pretty wine glass, and beat them well with a spoon or a fork.


3.) Mix in the two teaspoons of the pure honey, and then one cup of the orange juice, and the liquid of your tea.


4.) Drink it up.  This potion does not keep for long. Repeat the same procedure thrice every day per week.