The Paper Werewolf Spell




Colored Pencil or Coloring Ink Pen
Colored Pencils or Picture of a Werewolf
Your Belief in Werewolves and Werebeasts
Full Moon




The Paper Werewolf Spell is a spell to become a werewolf. Uses a paper to list the qualities of your werewolf, so that the spell doesn't have to be long. You can use the pictures of the hybrid werewolves if you want to.


Spell Casting:


Draw a werewolf on a piece of paper, or tape a werewolf picture. The paper should be sideways, so it is wider than it is long. Write its height, weight, species of a werewolf, and any other important details about the wolf form.

Now fold it hamburger-style and write details about your human form. Write anything that will change about your human form. For example, if your eyes glow yellow when angry, write that in. Don't make yourself be overpowered. Color vision in your wolf form, and being twice as strong and fast as a normal wolf are okay. But being able to see five times as well as the average werewolf or having the strength of a hundred werewolves... That's overpowered and impossible. You can probably give yourself one or two special powers. Remember to specify you'll have full control of your wolf form, and that it will be painless (at least after the first shift)! Once you're done writing details, fold it hamburger-style again and write this spell: "Wolf Spirits and Werewolves, hear my call.
The moon shines full tonight.
As the werebeasts shift under its light,
I pray to you to give me this power.
Wolves are swift, strong and intelligent.
I wish to embody the wolf.
And here I have written my wish,
For the power to shift.
And the power of the wolf.
I am completely sure I want this.
I am sure that I want to be a werewolf.
Wolf Spirits! Werewolves! My call is clear.
Accept me as your kin!
Allow me into your clan.
All I wish for is to be a werewolf.
So mote it be!"

Say this spell three times. Now fold it in a hamburger-style again, and draw a pentagram in a silver pen or a silver color-marker. Now fold it again and tape it up. Now put it under your pillow. Every night for the next week, including tonight, before you go to sleep, say the incatation: "I am a werewolf, and I shall run free." On the next Full Moon, or the third Full Moon from when you did the spell at most, you will shift. Your first shift will probably hurt no matter what, and you might have no control. So try to make plans to go camping around that time! The New Moon may make you tired or lethargic. Side effects in profile!