The Marriage Spell To Reunite A Happy Couple


Full Moon 1 Piece of Pink Paper 1 Red Ink Pen or Red Coloring Marker Some Fresh Pink Rose Petals 1 Red Candle Fast Action Love Oil 1 Fast Action Love Incense Stick


This love spell will bring the two lovers back together again in a secret matrimony in which they'll consummate during a Full Moon.

Spell Casting:

On the early Full Moon evening, write down the names of a long-lost loving couple whom you'd wished to reunite on a piece of pink paper with a red ink pen or a red coloring marker.

Sprinkle some fresh pink rose petals around the red candle in a circle.

Dress it with the Fast Action Love Oil and light it with a Fast Action Love incense stick.

Meditate for five minute as you began to visualize a rainbow-colored aura surrounding the couple who are walking up and down the aisle toward the altar at their wedding day, holding each other's hands and becoming husband and wife by sharing their passionate kiss.

Chant this four more times:

"Sheknor taysoh ratsu henor kantu freksho kanstu tay raktu. Let a love of theirs that was once in their lives be here again. Let them be lovers forever and not friends. Let them be reunited back together now and forever. Let the day that we part again be never. Gods, goddesses, and spirits of love, bring back together (the full names of the two ex-sweethearts). So mote it be."

Burn the paper to ashes and scatter them into the wind before letting the candle burn out.