The Love Spell To Get A Secret Lover By Midnight




4 Red Candles
Lavender Incense
A Bed
Your Voice

Full Moon

Special Someone
A Phone/Facebook/In Person

4 drops Fast Action Love Oil

Special Someone's Picture

A Piece of Parchment Paper

1 Red Ink Pen, Crayon, Coloring Pencil or Coloring Marker

A Fireproof Dish




This amazing love spell will help you call forth a special person as your secret lover whom you loved and get him or her on your bed one hour before midnight.


Spell Casting:


Place the four red candles around your bed, light the Lavender incense and say the following incantation thrice:


"Secret Lover, I want you here with me,'' Please come to me, Show me your love, Give yourself to me of your own will. Secret Lover, I want you here with me."


(Note: This love spell definitely works at the early and cleared starlit nighttime during a Full Moon.)


You may kindly ask your special someone out on a date in he or she might be the secret lover whom you'd longed for. If they reject you, then you may find the next incantation of the same love spell and cast it one hour before the stroke of midnight.


Then anoint each one of the four red candles on by one with the four drops of the Fast Action Love Oil, light them altogether before writing your secret lover's name on a piece of parchment paper with a red ink pen, a red crayon, a red coloring pencil or a red coloring marker and place his or her picture on your bed as you will continue to keep on chanting thrice during your ten-minute visualization:

"Secret Lover, Secret Lover,
You are forever mine,
Nobody else's,
Unless you drink clear sparkling wine,
(The Person's Real Full Name), you are forever mine."


Kiss the lips of your secret lover's picture and put it back on your bed. After that, you may gently kiss the parchment paper with your secret lover's name on it and then burn it to ashes on a fireproof dish before scattering them into the whistling whirlwind.