The Change Your Race Beauty Spell (Tested)




1 White Candle – Asian

1 Black Candle – Hispanic (Latino)

1 Orange Candle – White (Caucasian)

1 Yellow Candle – Black (African)


1 Red Candle – Native American Indian

1 Scrying Mirror

A Dark Private Room



Full Moon


2 Full Moon Incense Sticks


Fast Action Eternal Beauty Oil


Your Scrying Altar




This beauty spell will make you turn into a black, white, Asian, Hispanic or a Native American Indian person or whatever race you want to be it will help you. Also the type and size of the colored candles go toward what race you want to be.


Spell Casting:


On the early Full Moon evening, you must go get the colored candle that matches the race you want and put it on the sacred altar. Place the candle in front of the scrying mirror in the dark private room, dress it with the Fast Action Eternal Beauty Oil and light it along with the two Full Moon incense sticks that are being set on the altar at both sides of it. Look at yourself in the scrying mirror, then visualize yourself as that race and say the incantation more than ten times in a row:

"Gods and Goddesses of light,
I don't want to be (The name of your current race) anymore.
I want to be (The name of your new race) I want to be even more too beautiful.
Shed your light on me and make this special wish come true.
Make me become a (The name of your new race) person. I beg of you!"

This beauty spell will happen real fast overnight.

But before you can go to sleep, you should kindly thank the gods and goddesses.


This spell is real because all my spells are and this spell will leave you with a stomach pain and headaches. Also the spell changes your skin color facial structure (for an instance; if you said the word Asian, then your eyes would get small and your face would be either oval-shaped  or round, etc.) and your parents might not recognize you so be careful.

All the things that really happened afterwards is not my fault!

Send a private message to me for any further detail.


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