The Beauty Spell To Grow And Revive A Dead Or Wilting Flower Plant



A dead or wilting flower plant

Fresh Pure Spring-Water 
Leaf from the Plant 
Fire Source 
1 Bowl


This beauty spell takes about 2 hours to make it work very fast in order to revive a dead or wilting plant.

Spell Casting:

First, burn the leaf from the plant. Second, mix the ashes with the fresh pure spring-water and then say the incantation:

"By the power of earth make thy plants thrive."

Finally, pour the water-ash mixture on the plant.

Stand in front of the flower and say the incantation ten times in a row:

"''Grow faster and quicker, little one,

As I command it, then it shall be done.  Grow some more petals and fruits, deflect the metals and insects that may try to hurt you. 
Grow faster and quicker as good as brand-new." '''''