The Beauty Potion To Create Hair GrowthEdit


Dirt Water 1 Candle (Any Type) 1 Cloth (Medium)

Fast Action Eternal Beauty Oil


This beauty potion secretly creates a amazing potion which will cause some rapid hair growth.

Spell Casting:Edit

Get a candle of any type, but the color of the candle should be the color of the hair that you want to grow. Light the candle after you dress it with the Fast Action Eternal Beauty Oil and drip the candle-wax into the water while chanting thrice:

"Colored wax infest this water, And from the flame make it grow hotter, And from the mixture soon to be, Grow some hair for all to see."

Then mix in the dirt while chanting thrice:

"From within this dirt the small seeds do be, Way too small for thee to see, Yet from the life force in the seeds, Hair shall grow faster like the nasty weeds."

Once you have a somewhat muddy and thick mixture, stop and use the cloth to strain the muddy water. It is this muddy water which contains the hair growing magic. This water can then be mixed with anything (like a shampoo) and used to help a rapid hair growth.

You can also just use the mud itself as a mud pact that will make your hair grow.