Welcome to Spell Book Wiki

Spell Book Wiki is the wiki where you can create your own magical spells!!! There are many types of spells:

Like from healing to vanquishing, and from controlling the elements to using them for herbal remedies.

There can also be from conjuring your own familiar to summoning the dead. The options are endless.

It all can start with you. Everyone is entitled to create their own type of magical spell or incantation.

The trick is, you have to think of what it truly means. Many people cast spells for greedy reasons

and no one cares about the consequences. If you cast a spell for an object or more money, 

something could happen to a loved one or something else. Personal gain can be quite dangerous.

So be careful and be mindful of what you cast. Some spells are harmless, if for good intentions.

And some spells could even be dangerous to you and/or to those around you. It all depends on

the reason. Everyone, have fun with creating spells and casting them.

But, always be mindful of what's to come.

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